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January 10 2023

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Wassup! Good afternoon to our beloved users and visitors. The clock has just struck 4. West Bengal State Lottery Sambad result of 4 pm has been announced and uploaded here on our user-friendly website. Here you can easily download the PDF file of West Bengal State Lottery Sambad today‘s results. Have you checked the results or not? If not then hurry up and check it right here right now.

West Bengal State Lottery Sambad (4 PM) Result-Free Download

Didn’t check the results yet? Check it here on this website.  It’s time to reveal the name of the winner of today’s West Bengal Lottery Sambad 4 pm. The result list is out now. What did you just say? You didn’t look at the result list yet? Be at ease. We’ve just updated the entire list here on our website.Visit us to check the Lottery Sambad Live 11:55 AM and Lottery Sambad Night Live 8PM results as well. You can easily check whether you’ve won the first prize or not.

West Bengal State Lottery Result Detailed Weekly Schedule:

Usually, West Bengal state declares the name of the winner by announcing the 4 pm results but due to some technical aspects users could face a delay in result declaration. But it happens once in a blue moon. Here is the complete and detailed schedule of the West Bengal State Lottery. If you are wandering for Nagaland State Lottery Morning Result click to check the Lottery Sambad Morning result.

West Bengal State Lottery Result Weekly Names:

The West Bengal Lottery that draws each day of the week is named accordingly with respect to each new day. These names of the West Bengal Lottery Sambad are given below.

Day Lottery Name
Sunday Dear Bangasree Ichamati
Monday Dear Bangalakshmi Teesta
Tuesday Dear Bangalakshmi Torsha
Wednesday Dear Bangabhumi Raidak
Thursday Dear Bangabhumi Bhagirathi
Friday Dear Bangabhumi Ajay
Saturday Dear Bangasree Damodar

Well, it does not draw to a close. There is much more to tell you. There exist at least enough names for this lottery that are given as;

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  • Mizoram Lottery
  • Rajshree Lottery
  • Labhlaxmi Lottery
  • Maharashtra Lottery
  • Mumbailaxmi Lottery
  • Kerala Lottery Result
  • Nagaland State Lottery

Download West Bengal Lottery PDF File:

We have something exciting to disclose to our regular visitors and users. West Bengal Lottery Sambad evening 4 pm result is out now. If anyone of you wants to save the results for convenience and future use then a file of result list can be downloaded in PDF format from this website. We’ve pasted the link below in the maroon ribbon that will direct you to download PDF file of the West Bengal Lottery Sambad 4 pm Results.
If your luck didn’t work in the morning draw then you better wait until the evening results have been announced. So, the evening results are out now. It’s time to test your capabilities. So, we have uploaded the complete list for the result today at 4pm and this list is also available in the PDF format for your convenience.

Check Free West Bengal Lottery Sambad(पश्चिम बंगाल लॉटरी संबाद) Today Result:

Now when you know by reading the blog that evening result of Lottery Sambad is out. Get ready, grab your ticket and start matching the digits of your ticket with the results.
You can now check live and all free West Bengal state lottery results today at 4 pm here on this website.
These PDF files of the results can be easily accessible and downloaded on your Smartphone as well. We have provided you with every time convenience by giving you access to the results both on laptops and smart phones.
Checking out the results and downloading them for today is as easy as eating cake and free as well. We wish you good luck for the winner of today’s lottery.

West Bengal State Lottery 4 pm:

We wanna grab your attention, please. Here we have an important announcement to make. The official and genuine results of the West Bengal Lottery Sambad have been announced live and online by the State government. The names of winners have been declared who have won huge money prizes in West Bengal Lottery.

It is the second draw of the day that holds immense importance for those who couldn’t make it in morning lottery. They are not losers but going to be the winners by participating in evening lotto. They just have to check their ticket number with that of the result list.
But for those who have been playing the lottery for longer and are here just for the evening result of the lottery, then they are in the right place. You just have to click on the button for the PDF file format of West Bengal state lottery today 4 pm result. Or you can simply check the result from the above picture of today’s result.

Checking and claiming for the Dear Lottery Sambad(प्रिय लॉटरी सांबाद) :

Are you going to be in a boat with winners? Congratulations on this massive victory. But the most common question that arises in the brains of the winners is that how can they check and claim their lottery prize.Just check the Lottery Sambad Morning , lottery Sambad Day , lottery Sambad Evening.  Beware of the spammers and frauds who can lead you to lose your money and leave your pocket empty. We are responsible for guiding the winners about how they can redeem the ticket for the money or what are the rules, principles, and laws for this vast game.

  1. First of all, make sure your victory by checking the results online. We’ll tell you the easiest way to check lottery results online.
    • Be prepared at the time of the lotto results announcement.
    • Keep our website bookmarked to get official, insured and genuine results every time.
    • Grab your ticket and keep it in your hand.
    • Start matching your ticket number with the result list as soon as the result updated.
    • Congratulations to you if your ticket number matches the one in the result list. You are the lucky winner of today.
  2. After checking the results and confirming your victory, you need to apply for the award redeem.
  3. Visit the government website of the West Bengal State Lottery and fill up the claim form.
  4. Fill the form with the required details and wait for the redemption of the prize.
  5. You must keep your ticket number secret. Keep your ticket untouched in a safe place and do not torn or fold it.

Here you can check West Bengal state lottery result today 4 PM free and live.

Keep Playing and keep winning.