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08:00 PM - Nagaland

October 19-10-2020

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11:55 AM

Morning Greetings to all of the Lottery Sambad players! It is an honor for us to let you know about the declaration of the results of the morning Lottery Sambad results of 11:55 AM. Sambad is the word from ‘Odia’ language that is an India based daily newspaper.
So, what are you waiting for? Let your success make the noise too loud that can be heard from miles away.
Sambad newspaper comes from Odisha and is supplied all over India. Besides newspaper Sambad also offers Lottery in India. This lottery played daily and has 3 results declarations at different times in a day.

  • Lottery Sambad Today Result 11:55 AM
  • Lottery Sambad Today Result 04:00 PM
  • Lottery Sambad Today Result 08:00 PM

Weekly Schedule-Sikkim State Lottery Result:

Sikkim State Lottery results announced daily at 11:55 AM. Each day result named new accordingly. Here we provide you with the weekly schedule of the Dear Morning Lottery results that would make it easier for you to access results on time.
Here you go! A full week schedule for Sikkim state lottery Sambad.

Dear Morning Sikkim State Lottery:

Check 11:55 AM Result

Seven different Dear Morning Lottery results are announced seven days a week with a new thrill. Every day these seven results are announced in intervals one after another throughout the week from Monday to Sunday. Making a long story short, we have updated the result of another Dear Morning Sikkim State lottery 11:00 AM. Don’t miss the boat and match your lucky ticket number with the updated result list. Also, don’t forget to check the live lotto results.

A blessing in disguise, the lottery will surely mold your life much better than before. If you win the first prize then a big ‘shout out’ to your unbelievable victory. You just won 25 Lakhs INR as a reward for winning Lotto. To those who lost today, hang in there and take it as a grain of salt. Maybe tomorrow will be the day that brings great riches to you. Many congratulations to the winners of today!

Check & Download Sikkim State Lottery PDF File:

If you want to save the results as a record then you must go for downloading the PDF file of the results. We’ve made it easy for mobile users to view the lotto results on their cell phones. Here you can access free downloading of PDF file. Results are also available in PNG images format here at our website. Keep playing and winning big prize amounts.

We are the first to receive the results from the government and upload results here on our site ASAP. So, if you haven’t bookmarked or subscribed to our site yet, then this will probably be your loss.
Don’t forget to come back to on-site for the latest and all daily results of the Sambad lottery.


Are you enjoying playing the lottery? Earned a winner tag from today’s lottery? If yes then congrats! You are on the ball in the lottery. Keep visiting our site for easy and quick access to the daily 11:55 AM morning results of the Lottery Sambad.